Monday, June 22, 2009

maSa LalU yG tErtinGaL..

A'kum buat semua temen2..yg pasti aku tuju itu buat semua yg d jordan..dgn izin Allah aku kesana dan dengan kehendak Dia jua aku pulang ke tanahair..apa yg dirancang tidak semuanya akan terjadi karena akhirnya coma ada di tangan yg Esa..salamku di iringi do'a buat semua yg masih berusaha nun jauh di jordan..aku tau mahal duduk di tu lakan..cobaan untuk mendapatkan ilmu yg tidak ternilai harganya..insyaAllah semua baik2 sahaja dan teruskan usaha dalam mencari ilmu..dan teruskan persahabatan kita semua walau tlah ada yg jauh..insyaAllah waktu tidak akan bisa pudarkan gambar yg tlah tercipta antara kita semua..ameen..sedih ni..hehehe..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When it comes to talking about love, some faces might turn completely different.. maybe to a wide smile or red (blush) but, some faces might turn from a smile to completely sour or sad etc. What is love? If we look into the meaning of the word 'love' in the dictionary it means:
1) very strong affection
2) very strong affection and sexual attraction
3) great liking
4) a person or thing that one loves
If it means a strong affection towards a person, then it must be really wonderful to have someone to feel love towards us. Hm mm.. can it be force to happen? As we all know, when it come to feelings, it is almost impossible to force especially when the feelings involve living things. So, from my point of view to force this feeling is very wrong.
Lets talk about love when it grows between two people (not between the same sex for I personally believe that homosexuality is an immoral act). So, from my point of view it will be some kind of boost in both parties life in many ways. In other words, to have someone who care for you will really enhance your day isn't it? To be continue..
feel free to comment when you are bored!thank you =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a song for u..

tajuk : Untukmu

karena kamu ku bisa jalani
cerita hitam yang sering manghantui,
segala perih yang tlah ku lalui
terhapus semua bila ku kau hampiri,

kau sempurnakan rasa di hati,
kau kembalikan rasa cinta ini,

dan dengan ini ingin ku nyanyikan
buat mu gadis yang aku idamkan,
jangan kau sedih bila ku tiada
karena akhirnya kitakan bertemu,

ku harapkan diri mu terus setia menanti,
terimalah diri ku seadanya bila tiba saat bertemu..

karena kamu ku bisa jalani
cerita hitam yang sering manghantui,
segala perih yang tlah ku lalui
terhapus semua bila ku kau hampiri..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

jauh~tetapi dalam cinta ini buat kamu

Dari saat kamu lahir nggak pernah kamu aku temu..tetapi dalamnya cinta ini buat kamu nggak ada yang bisa mengerti..setiap photo kamu aku simpan dari saat kamu lahir hingga ke saat'a aku buat kamu di setiap hembusan nafas aku..supaya kamu itu menjadi yang paling solehah..supaya kamu itu bisa menjalani hidup yg lebih bearti dan supaya kamu bisa mengharungi dunia ini yang sudah nggak mengenal arti cinta dan kehidupan..lahirnya kamu membawa cahaya buat seluruh hidup aku..memberi aku arti tuk terus melangkah sejauh mungkin dalam mencari sukses dalam hidup ini..karena kamu aku merasakan sesuatu yang tlah lama terpadam dari hati ini..iaitu perasaan rindu yang teramat dalam..apa lagi yang seorang laki laki inginkan dalam hidup ini selain merasakan bahagia?senyuman kamu itu tlah cukup buat aku bahagia..walau cuman lewat photo sahaja..janji aku buat kamu akan aku pulang pada suatu purnama untuk bertemu kamu..pulang tuk memeluk kamu dengan penuh rasa cinta..sedalam cinta ini coma buat kamu..zahara yasmin(yacimin)..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


People in our lives comes and goes.. so do friends,family and lovers.. but hopefully the word 'goes' is not forever or break up. For people who had to go for a better purpose or worse, good luck but, hopefully its always for a better purpose like my friend here. Kerja kan?hehehe. Never take this friendship like a worthless picture that is always going to fade its colour someday. Always remember that what we have today might be the best thing in our life. Be greatfull for all that He gave to us InsyaAllah we'll be successfull one day. And finally, b'taufiq wa najah to our friend Ismail Jaafar.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Kharban = rosak/broken

This is an ammi word or (bahasa pasar) in arabic language. What i'm about to write here is a story about how i learn this particular word. It was on the evening of 29th January.. and i was with few friends in d middle of the city centre Amman Jordan. I wanted to get a new phone and my housemate wanted to get a Thallajah (peti sejuk/fridge).. he got what he wanted but not me.. i got a different thing.. i got to learn a new arabic word.. so here goes the story. After my friend got what he wanted, we had to go to the wet market to get some groceries for our 4 days job (tukang masak ni/cook). 1st of all, we were looking for some onions and potatoes. Its really funny how arabs do their job and the way they think. Let me ask you something, would you open a bread stall right beside another bread stall and sell your goods with much higher price while there are not much difference in the quality of your goods with the other shop's? So heres what happen in the wet market. Few minutes in the market, we found alot of the stalls here are selling the same thing, mostly onions and potatoes. So, we had to go around to look for the cheapest price for those things. Finally after a few minutes, we found a stall with the cheapest price but.. right beside that stall, there was this guy standing at his onion stall were trying to offer us his goods but all of them were much expensive then all the others so we move on to the stall beside with the cheapest price. Suddenly just after we moved a step away from the previous stall, the guy shouted to us "Kharban!!anta kharban!!". I asked a friend of mine for the meaning of the word that man was shouting at us and so i learn that the meaning was 'broken'.. but untill today, i havent figure out what was the reason he said that to us..hmmm..still thats all about it folks. New vocab for all..Kharban! hahaha..

Monday, January 26, 2009


Opening..the word itself is 'pening'..the word widely use amongst malaysian students few days b4 examination "ohh..pening!!"..this is how i feel while creating my first,bcoz of d request from few friends i'l just have to create,im just gona give it a go..good luck for fellow readers!!